I do like the fresh possum wrasses, however, do you believe they had get along with the fresh redline wrasse?

I do like the fresh possum wrasses, however, do you believe they had get along with the fresh redline wrasse?

I do like the fresh possum wrasses, however, do you believe they had get along with the fresh redline wrasse?

I do not think it could be compatible to try and press good Cirrhilabrus species toward container. I understand this new Paracheilinus types aren’t eager to-be leftover unicamente, therefore they truly are away. This new Pseudocheilinus are way too feisty to have my personal tastes (particularly in a container which size). In my own quote, that will leave the new Wetmorella species. They are thus bashful and you can docile (and you can awesome! People don’t buy things because locations commonly equipping him or her, that is as not one person wants her or him so they try not to stock them for all of us to see and the like. If you’re paying that knows what kind of cash (and you will time, and effort) towards a tank, I would personally go ahead and try everything I can in order to snag you to prime greatest jewel out-of a seafood out-of my wishlist!

Size, offered security/hiding urban centers/breakup away from vision outlines, volume regarding feeding, roominess of one’s container, all of these will be more essential. While you are intent on a great wrasse, look for certainly one of comparable proportions and sustain an eye on him or her having territoriality and you can battle for eating. Multiple feedings on a daily basis will be a Match vs Zoosk giant make it possible to control one aggression if that comes up. Simply be prepared to lay one in the fresh new “punishment field” otherwise just like the Bob calls it “break” in a spaghetti colander. It is secure on the site in detail. Keep in mind our company is talking about netting an excellent wrasse, and therefore since you’re probably aware shall be nightmarish. In short, my personal priority would not be the particular wrasses chose (contained in this reasoning) but rather a back up bundle would be to one thing lose their freshness.

However, that have one or two smallish variety, delivered as near together with her to, and you will an eye fixed out to possess behavioural troubles, just be fine with all choice you mentioned significantly more than. Sorry! Thanks once again much for all that you do towards hobby! Guarantee it is of good use. We trickle acclimated for approximately ninety times adopting the lights went out in the container. This morning, regarding the 12 circumstances later on, the newest Dottyback has gone out and you may from the exploring their the landscaping. ‘s the fresh addition the cause of his shyness? Performed We pitfall your underneath, otherwise do he manage to push aside if that is actually in which he’d chosen to sleep yesterday?

The latest strange area is that the redline wrasse try nowhere so you can get noticed

Carter Re: Wrasse compatibility 5/ Wrasse made his grand appearance shortly after your reply. Anyway, I thought you’d like to know!

A pink streak wrasse (Pseudocheilinops ataenia) try a possibility, nonetheless take a look rather impossible to come across

New Wrasse additions 5/ Hello WWM Crew, I have a 12′ 460 gallon aquarium, stocked with a 5.5″ Harlequin Tusk (can be very aggressive to new additions- he was particularly so with my Birdmouth Wrasse who he chased repeatedly), a 6″ Birdmouth Wrasse, 5″ Majestic Angel, big Snowflake and Zebra Moray and a 9-10″ Golden Puffer amongst a number of Domino Damsels. I was thinking about adding at the same time a large Sling-Jaw Wrasse (Epibulus insidiator), a Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) and a Yellow Moon Wrasse (Thalassoma lutescens) to the mix. I have plenty of live rock split into two islands with a large open water swimming space in the centre of the tank. Do you think these Wrasse would be suitable with my current stock and with each other, particularly adding the two Thalassoma wrasse? Lastly, slightly off topic I have had both the Harlequin Tusk and Majestic Angel for 3.5 years now and have noticed minimal growth in both, particularly with the Majestic. Do you know of any reason for why this may be the case? Perhaps as I see them every day I don’t notice the growth as much. Thank you for your time and advice, I appreciate it a lot! Jake

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